May 01, 2013 - 2:18am

A LOOK INTO THE PAST: Shark-Tank’s playoffs over the years!

In the summer of 2008
, I decided to start posting/blogging about the Sharks. An obsession began. It started out on Myspace, with a page called, “San Jose Sharks Goal!”, a Myspace that featured the goal horns for profile use, the only of it’s kind.
After that, SJSGoal turned into Shark-Tank in 2011. When Myspace went down, the tranfer to facebook was a failure.
In late 2011, my personal page became this, on tumblr.

Every year since 2007, it became a tradition via myspace/facebook defaults to change everyone’s photo to ONE universal photo that said “WE BELIEVE”. It took off so much, the Golden State Warriors took note, and took it for their playoff bid a few years ago.

Today, at 1pm, I will be releasing the newest “We Believe” photo, and hopefully we can see is spread, and go viral!

Will you join and #BelieveInTeal ?